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inventions and supporting dreams
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We Support Creativity
InventorsNow allows our members to support and help friends and strangers bring great ideas to life. In these tough economic times, our members can take an active role in the creation of new jobs and the companies that create them. Best of all, our members can support projects they like without risking their own money.

Use our Banner Farm and create votes without opening your wallet. No longer does the lack of personal funds stop any member from supporting an invention they wish to be a part of.

Connect with inventors and their ideas while they are still in the "garage" and help support them through the entire process.

Inventions are supported by a voting system. Every member's vote is worth one dollar to an Invention. Naturally, the inventions that get the most votes get the most money. We track when and how many votes every member gives to the invention so the inventor knows whom to thank if the invention becomes a success. Bottom line, your vote counts here.  


Voting members will accrue rewards points for each vote they cast. These points will later be redeemable with InventorsNow for cash or equity in the companies they support.

Assist in the process of creating a company and benefit from the fruit the company creates.